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Unique Advantages-Adjustable Siding Install Tool

Unique Advantages-Adjustable Siding Install Tool

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  • Durable Material

Saker siding mounting tool made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, strong and durable, this siding gauge have larger fixed width, larger contact area with the wall panel, more stable.
  • Easy to Operate

Saker siding gauge fit for one-person installation siding mounting and support the next course for nailing with virtually no layout time. Our sliding gauge could more accuracy and 50% percent faster for your working.

  • Applicable Siding

Saker siding install tool could be adjusted for 5"~8"siding reveals, ensure perfect and equal spacing between each board, fit for 5/16"/8mm~ 1/2"/12.7mm thick fiber cement siding installation. Saker siding mounting gauge is recommended for using with primed(non-painted)siding products.
  • Siding Tools

Saker siding tools are designed to hold the board at the correct height and help to install fiber cement siding easily with less working time, while producing accurate and consistent siding reveals. Three steps to complete installing fiber cement siding easily: slide clamps, lock the clips, nail the board.

    • Application Scenarios

    Saker siding holder tool can be applied to various home decoration scenarios, especially the installation of external wall panels of houses, and the fixed installation of panels in tool rooms.


    1. At approximately one-third of your siding's overall length from either end, place the siding gauge's blade under the bottom doge of the siding and slide upward. 
    2. Engage the handle for  a snug fit. Don't over-tighten! 
    3. Lower the next siding piece into the gauge slots. 
    4. Nail siding per manufacturer's recommendations. Remove both gauges and repeat steps 1 through 4 as you work upward to the top of the wall.
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