Our artificial flower art is rooted in history and originated from the luxury pursuit of European aristocrats. This craft that perfectly replicates the real form of plants was once a symbol of the upper class's pursuit of elegant quality of life.

After generations of hard work, inheritance and innovation, this craft has gradually become popular, allowing more people to appreciate the eternal beauty of nature. This craft tradition will be carried forward and become the leader of contemporary artificial flower art.

Natural charm

Each of our artificial flower works strives to restore the true appearance of plants. Whether it is the texture of petals or the color and shape of leaves, we use the most advanced craftsmanship and technology to restore the original appearance of nature as much as possible.

Our goal is to let people feel the vitality of nature when appreciating the works. Let this natural beauty stay in front of your eyes forever and become a touch of green to warm your life.

Unique ingenuity

Our studio brings together top artificial florists from all over the world. They not only have a deep understanding and attainments in flower art, but are also good at incorporating artistic creativity into their works.

From material selection to production to later design and packaging, every link has been carefully considered, striving to inject a unique artistic style on the basis of retaining the authenticity of nature, so that each work becomes a perfect work of art.

About us

Artificial flowers, started in 2018, is a company focusing on artificial flower artworks. Our team consists of senior artificial florists, designers and e-commerce experts, committed to providing customers with high-quality, unique artificial flower products and a high-quality shopping experience.

We have advanced production equipment and a professional craftsmanship team. Our artificial flower works use high-end materials and are made through sophisticated production processes, striving to achieve the highest standards in details.

Our product line covers holiday wreaths, desktop flower arrangements, wall decorations, etc., to meet the needs of different scenes. Each work has undergone strict quality control to ensure that the best quality materials are used, so that customers can feel the natural visual enjoyment.

We have always been adhering to the concept of "presenting the beauty of nature with heart and lighting up life with creativity", and composing the story of artificial flowers with professionalism and ingenuity. In the future, we will continue to focus on the research and development and innovation of artificial flower art, and bring more surprises to the majority of flower art lovers.