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Swan Ornament Discolored In Hot Water

Swan Ornament Discolored In Hot Water

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The swan will change color from gray to pure white when being poured hot water, she will return to original color if poured cold water.

Porcelain Enamels smooth surface, very easy to wash (avoid wire brush). The surface of porcelain enamels is inorganic glass glaze like ceramic, so it will turn yellow like the inner wall of ceramic tea cup, especially when cooking, it will be colored by food, which is a normal phenomenon. No need to worry, white vinegar, baking soda and tableware disinfectant powder can be used to make it bright and white Nuskin.

The interior of porcelain enamels is made of steel plate. Although falling to the ground will not be broken into pieces like ceramics, it may also fall off porcelain on the surface, so you should take it lightly and cherish it.

Size: about 9*9*6cm






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