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Precision Mortising Jig And Loose Tenon Joinery 2 In 1 Punch Locator

Precision Mortising Jig And Loose Tenon Joinery 2 In 1 Punch Locator

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Remarks: The red part is made of plastic, so please don't buy it if you mind.


● 7 different standard mortises

Uses a template and various combinations of template guide bushings and router bits to make the 7 different standard mortises for loose tenons, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm.

● Accuracy And Precision

Accuracy and precision make for large mortises, offers precision milled tenons stock in several types of wood specially shaped for exposed joinery.

● Easy To Use

(1) Just insert the correct router bit and bushing combination into your plunge router, aligning the index marks in the template with the center delineating of your mortise and router path.

(2) You have infinite control of the depth of your mortise (within the limits of your router bit).

(3) For the decorative look of exposed tenons, just set your depth of cut to router completely through your material.

(4)Index pins

Index pins centered on the mortise template make it easy to keep the ends of the joining piece matched up perfectly. Just hold the outside faces against the reference edge and the end of their bearings against the index pin and your joints will come out flawlessly.

The index pins also make projects like slats easy... just drop the pin into the previously milled mortise and cut the next one.

(5)On Any Angle

The template can be rotated in the base to adjust the mortise at any angle relative to your stock. This feature opens up design possibilities in chair and stool construction, as well as louvered doors and screens.




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