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Angle meter

Angle meter

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Product Description
Is it difficult for you to measure the curved corner? Use the angle meter to save time and energy! Just a tool, you can easily get the required information. What you will be surprised is that you often use the angle meter in daily work!

product information
True -easy -Reading precision laser -fixed instruction, the angle meter provides direct angle reading. The aluminum angle meter project is made of anode aluminum steel processed by CNC.
Design -Internal Tylon O Ring Agency fluctuates in operation and ensures that it reads smoothly at the internal /external corners. Durable anode aluminum alloys can ensure life.
Forgot to guess -two angles pass your work angle directly to the wooden board for accurate perspective measurement.
Perform the first time! -It is very suitable for measurement, pipelines and many other carpenter applications.
100 % risk -aluminum -free angle meter is made of 1/4 inch thick aluminum alloy. The alloy is stronger, and it is not easy to bend.

Product specification
Material: Aluminum alloy
Weight: 160g

1 *angle meter

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