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šŸ”„Hot SalešŸ”„Adjustable Airplane Type Hole Saw

šŸ”„Hot SalešŸ”„Adjustable Airplane Type Hole Saw

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Ending the troublesome work of repeatedly changing drill bits!

Improve your commercial and domestic work efficiency!


The cutting hole sizes of the multi-size punching saw kit can be adjusted from 30-120mm, 30-200mm, 30-300mm, you donā€™t need to change the drill bits frequently. Ā Ā 

Quickly and effortlessly punch holes in softwood boards, plywood, plasterboard, plastic board, PVC sheet, aluminum gusset plate, etc., to meet your various working needs.



Adjustable Cutting Diameters

This woodworking hole saw with adjustable diameters from 30-120mm, 30-200mm, 30-300mm, so that you can cut different sizes of holes with just one saw. No need to change the drill bits frequently.


Fine & Clean Cuts

It cuts plasterboard and corkboard quickly and effortlessly, and ensures fine and clean cuts without burrs, making the installation much easier. Perfect for installing locks, knobs in doors or cabinets, and so on.


Strong and Durable

High-quality Carbon Steel for durability and long service life. The alloy cutter bit is keen and practical and can be reused after grinding.

Easy to Use

Its handle connecting the electric drill is 10mm in diameter, suitable for any corded or cordless drills. Simply adjust the cutting size, connect it to the drill, then cut the hole as needed. No complex operation.

Widely Used

Widely used in woodworking opening, spotlight opening, plastic plate opening, DIY speaker opening,Ā ceiling lamp,Ā etc. Suitable for plasterboard, PVC sheet, aluminum gusset plate, plastic, corkboard, etc.

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Material: Carbon Steel

Cutting Size: 30-120mm, 30-200mm, 30-300mm

Weight: 550g

Package Includes: 1x Multi-Size Punching Saw Kit

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